Monday Musings: Volume 6

The leaves are changing, the pumpkin spice hype is real, and there is Halloween decor in the dollar section at Target. It’s officially #sweaterweather. Or for everyone else — happy Autumn! With Fashion Week in Paris just beginning today, my birthday month, a new job, and a new perspective on life have all brought so many things into my routine that it’s leaving me at a blank on where to begin for this volume. Volume 5 was all about female empowerment – you can read that one here.

My routine is heavily centered on self-care routines on Sundays and a motivating post on Mondays for you all. That’s the ideal order, but ya know. Life happens sometimes. No blame, no shame here. However, today, I want to focus on feeling fit for service. 

I’m sharing another video by one of my favorite humans (and someone I consider a spiritual leader), Aubrey Marcus. He’s a best-selling author, podcaster, creator, and founder of Onnit. Learn more about him here.

I watched the video for the 170th episode of his podcast, and was blown away, a feeling not uncommon when listening to or watching Aubrey or anyone he brings into his circle.

My favorite takeaways: 

” My mind is a fucking monster. So how do you tame the monster? Well, you go to work.”

” The real benefit of yoga is the five minutes of Shavasana at the end when you’ve stretched and worked your body and moved and breathed and anchored your breathing…and then you just sit there…and then see what comes up. See what comes up in the stillness, see what comes up when you stop.”

” Maybe we all actually crave variety and it doesn’t mean that I’m deficient.”

” We run into something called ‘hedonic tolerance’. But you can’t keep seeking pleasure for pleasure’s sake and have it remain pleasurable. It doesn’t work.”

Listen and let me know what your takeaways were. Or better yet, comment below with what you’ve been inspired by lately. 

Love & light, 


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Proud Mexican-American fashion & lifestyle blogger from beautiful Washington State talking easy sustainable hacks, thrifted wardrobe staples, the occasional recipe, and mental health advocacy.

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