Backstage Beauty: My Rose Gold Hair

There really is nothing quite like a new hair color for a little confidence boost going into a season like Autumn, and this year it’s rose gold.

Rose gold is a happy medium between yellow gold and silver and I love an unconventional and totally functional neutral. Also, I can tell you that it has integrated itself into my life in the form of Starbucks cups, phone cases and accessories, sunglasses – you get it. It’s an obsession and I totally admit it.

I am so satisfied with the results! First off, let me just say that I have been coloring my hair since I was 18 and I have come to know how it reacts to certain products and chemicals, how to maintain certain colors,  etc. I would advise that you consult with your hairstylist before you go get any semi or demi-permanent hair color. 

Let me introduce you to Liz, or @LizMarieHair on Instagram, which is where and how we met, and subsequently, how I ended up booking an appointment with her. She is such a kind spirit who’s incredibly knowledgable in her field and happens to be hilarious.

Naturally, my hair is dark brown, but I had lightened bits here and there from last year’s foil. I’m so grateful that my hair picks up color pretty well, but regardless, more products were involved than I expected, so I wanted to bring you this post in case it’s a color/trend you’d like to try for yourself. Read the Q & A below for Liz’s helpful tips, including all the products she used on me. 

Note: This picture was taken one day post-color.

Q: So if someone wanted to try this out, what can they ask for specifically at the salon? Give me a step-by-step process of what we did.


1. Lightening Phase – since this look is essentially a balayage with a rose shade glossed in, we started with lightening first.

approx. time = 30 min.

2. Shadow Root – this blends and diffuses any lines from the lightening phase for an overall smoother, more cohesive look. This is an essential step for a genuine ‘balayage’ look.

approx. time = 15 min.

3. Redken Rose or Pastel Pink 💕 Gloss is applied in the sink, rinsed, and re-applied, as your stylist sees fit.

approx. time = 25 min

4. Cuticle Gel is applied- this is to increase longevity of the faux or synthetic color.

approx. time = 10 min.

Q: What is your recommendation on how long I should go before my next color session?

Liz: Around 6 weeks for another color session, which is going to possibly include a stronger color application for you.

Remember: This is often referred to as a gloss session.


These 3 products smell DIVINE, but best of all, R+Co is a brand that is proud to be 100% vegetarian, cruelty-free, and paraben-free.

Follow @RandCo on Instagram here.

Photography Credit: Liz herself.

To book with Liz:

Call: (509) 317-2352

Book Online: via Wildflower Stylhouse – Yakima’s  R+Co exclusive salon.

Contact via Social: @lizmariehair

***Stylist’s Note: Definitely plan your appointment 2-3 weeks out, especially with holiday season approaching. ***


I want to give a big shout-out and thank-you to Liz and the salon for being so accomodating, helpful, and a joy to work with.


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