Dear Friend: Own It & STOP Making Excuses

“Life shrinks and expands on the proportion of your willingness to take risks and try new things.”

This post is dedicated to all of you who have always felt isolated, different, misunderstood, brushed off, forced to feel the need to fit into the box that makes everyone around you — everyone but you — comfortable.

You are not isolated.

Your thoughts and your insecurities feed onto that. You are not isolated. You are here.

You are with me and I am with you.

You are not just different. You are beautifully complex, intricate, unique, and so very capable of crushing whatever obstacle presents itself to you. Also, do you really want to be the same as everyone else?

One million percent NO.

You are not misunderstood. I understand you. So, I know things may feel complicated, gross, tumultuous, confusing, soul-crushing, inevitable … you will make it, you will survive, and you will grow. You will grow so strong that others will wonder how you even got up this morning. But that’s not the lesson. The lesson to be learned is by you and you alone.

I’m not brushing you off. I’m here as your friend.

And I definitely do not want you to fit into a mold. Societal and familial expectations, pressures be damned.


Published by thatonefashionblogger

Proud Mexican-American fashion & lifestyle blogger from beautiful Washington State talking easy sustainable hacks, thrifted wardrobe staples, the occasional recipe, and mental health advocacy.

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