About Me

I have always been a writer. When I start, I find it extremely difficult to stop and pull myself away from it. However, I never thought my voice was important enough for people to listen to or my thoughts relevant enough for others to read.

That’s changed now, but it was not an easy journey. I began to blog on a snowy day in 2010 in my then-apartment in Renton, WA. I had never published anything before. But I had passion and that felt like it was enough. I had just started my education in Fashion Marketing in Seattle, so I married my passion for the apparel industry and my love for writing and started my first blog, La Vita Di Moda. It was a play on words in Italian, which represented, for me, the fashionable life. That blog was alive for five years and it allowed me the opportunity to attend crazy fun events, meet inspiring people, make friends along the way, and learn so much about the industry. My personal work experience with Yoogi’s Closet, Nordstrom, Fossil, Forever21, and H&M really helped in creating new content for the blog, as well. To everyone that took the time to read my posts, invite me to events, kindly offer creative advice or direction, and those who supported me so much along the way-thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was a blast.

Then, life hit pretty hard in 2015 and I took a break. It was a chance for me to re-brand myself and my blog. Flash forward to 2017 and here you are. Reading That One Fashion BlogI love writing about what brings me joy  and sharing my life with those who wish to learn about others; and I have learned to run with my intuition and my gut when it comes to blogging. I strive to make this small corner of the vast Internet a place where women (and men) can connect with each other by reading about the parts of my life and inspirations that I share with you. I welcome optimism, uplifting conversation, and collaborative projects. I hope you enjoy.